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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Photos: Duggars in Israel

Enjoy these photos of the Duggars' trip to Israel! (Click each picture to view a larger version.)
For more snapshots from the World Tour, click here and here.

 Jennifer Duggar

 Jim Bob Duggar and niece Amy Duggar

 Jim Bob and Joy-Anna Duggar

Jim Bob and Joseph Duggar

 Jessa and Jill Duggar

 Jim Bob, John-David, and Joseph Duggar
with crew member Frank Sun

 Jason, Jackson, and Justin Duggar

 Grandma Duggar and Amy

 Joy-Anna, Johannah, and Joseph Duggar

 Jim Bob and James Duggar

 Anna, Mackynzie, and Josh Duggar

Josiah, Josie, and Jana Duggar

 Anna, Michelle, and Jana Duggar

 Jeremiah, Jinger, Josiah, John-David, and Jessa Duggar

 19 Kids and Counting camera crew

 Jill and Michael Duggar

 Jinger and Josie Duggar

 Jessa and Jinger Duggar

 Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

 Jill, John-David, Grandma, and Michelle Duggar

 Jill, Jessa, and Jason Duggar

 Jackson Duggar

Joseph Duggar

11 Comments (Click Here to Add Yours):

Libby said...

cool pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Josie makes the funniest faces!

Anonymous said...

I think Josie looks like Jackson

Livvy said...

Great Pictures! Thanks for putting them up!

Anonymous said...

Those r awesome.!!

ausgirl said...

I agree that Josie looks like Jackson, the pic of her in the brown dress on the home page makes me think that too.

Anonymous said...

i feel so bad with there miscarrage for there 20th child jubillee

Amber said...

Love these pics!

And - I think that Josh looks way better with the beard, don't you? =-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree amber

Rebekah said...

Really nice pics. My dad went to Israel in 2010. We might be going to Israel next February.

Natasha said...

What a beautiful family!

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