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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Duggars on Homeschool Curricula

Several readers have asked about the wide variety of homeschool curricula that the Duggars use. Here are several websites that they recommend: 

Switched-On Schoolhouse (Grades 3-12)
Teaching Textbooks (Math)
Advanced Training Institute (ATI)
Vision Forum 
College Plus! (Personally recommended by Jim Bob Duggar during our interview)
The Teaching Home
Bob Jones University Press
Bob Jones University 
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Sing, Spell, Read & Write
Homeschool Legal Defense Association 
A Beka Book
Majesty Music
Way of the Master
Verity Institute

Do you homeschool? If so, what resources do you recommend?

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Anonymous said...

As a home schooled student, I recommend Teaching Textbooks' math curriculum. Math is definitely not my favorite subject, but Teaching Textbooks clearly explains everything, helping me understand it better.

Anonymous said...

I homeschool, and I definitely recommend Calvert School for grades PK-8, Keystone National High School for grades 6-12, and Saxon Math for PK through Calculus. :) They are all excellent!!

Thanks for this great blog, I really enjoy reading it to keep up with the Duggars (I don't have cable TV...). :)

Laurat433 said...

Somebody please tell me. But does anyone know when and if the duggars are going to be in New York, or philadelphia?? Please please please some one get back to me

Anonymous said...

I know most of the things that the Duggars recommend, - and I recommend them too! (Yes, I am homeschooled) However, I do not do most of those particular rescources because we do not live in the U.S...

In addition, I would reccomend Math-U-See, - it's really good, but you just have to experience it, to find out. :)

Jen said...

I know this is has nothing to do with homeschooling but recently the Bates family posted on their website that their baby they were going to name zion has died at 10 weeks gestuation.My prayers are with the Bates Family.

Bee said...

BJU Press is by far the best! oh, and Apologia for science =)

Anonymous said...

I am a homeschooling mom and we use ACE I dont care for the math very much but the other subjects are great and they use KJV verses which is the only Bible we use. But, out of curiosity does anyone know if the ACE curriculum is behind compared to other curriculums ?

Anonymous said...

Does ACE use the packets broken down into 10 units? If so, then from what i have seen, I don't think it is very challenging but I haven't see the highschool curric. We use ABEKA for most of our curriculum and I feel it is one of the best. This is just my opinion. You could check on Kathy Duffy's website since she reviews most every curriculum.

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous!

Each ACE level consists of 12 ACE PACEs, similar to units in a textbook. You can read more about the ACE curriculum here:

Hope this helps!
Lily and Ellie

Symantha Jones said...

I personally went throw penn foster for my teenager. It's amazing. You read, study take the test, My teen had his diploma in 6 months, But that is only the high school program. Plus they have payment plans.

Mrs. Fink said...

I have seen Jen pos on here from duggar family so I hope one one the duggars can read this and respond in their busy schedule. Baby Josie is so sweet just thought I wuld mention. I watch your show every mornign faithfully you guys are such a great example of our family values. Up untill last year all 4 of my children have been in Christian School. Last year I had a major next surgery and we are unable t afford it anymore. I decided to try to homeschool,and I was very unsuccessfull. I enrolled them in our local public school for the remainder of this school year for maybe better planning for next year. I purchased the abeka program for 5th and 2nd grade book ciriculum last year because thats what they were using already in christian school, after trying online streaming first and neither worked I wasn't sure where to turn. I have prayed about this alot and just really feel the children have total different personalities in public school but want to be succesful in homeschooling too. My daughter is 8 2nd grade and really struggles with phonics,spelling,reading. She severly struggled in private school to the point of almost failing she was diagosed with ADD and I believe this is her problem in those areas of school. She complained of just haveing too much work to do on either of abekas ciriculums. My son on the other hand is 10 in 5th ad is in gifted classes however puts very little effort into anything involving school work. My preschooler does extremely well at home on abc and I hope will do great at home with me. I do well with a daily schedule of what needs to be done plan by plan how do I become succesfull with this? We were starting with abeka at around 8:15 each morning and just with my 2nd grader we were not finishing untill 3:00 if we did and she was miserable. Apaently they dont do as much work at school as I was expecting at home. She does extremely well grade wise and in comprehending the public school ciriculum it much more on her level than the private was . However it of course is not biblical. HELP ME Mrs DUGGAR you are amazing.!!!

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Mrs. Fink,

This blog is not run by the Duggars, but you can email them at

Many of our readers homeschool their children, so perhaps they can help answer your questions.

~Lily and Ellie

Nicole FInk said...

So sorry I wasnt aware the Duggars didnt run this Blog:) However I like your suggestion on other homeschool moms on this blog who may could help. If anyone that read by long blog sorry above to the duggar family and has a suggestion that would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

My daughter uses A Beka Book.

Anonymous said...

My 6 children use LCA through ACE and love it.They are 9,10,13,13,15, and 16

Dan said...

Glad to see the recommendation for HSLDA!

We homeschool, primarily with My Father's World Homeschool Curriculum.

We will be starting our oldest in 5th grade.

Samantha Haymond said...

I am actually just starting homeschooling here in a few weeks, but we are using a program run by Alpha and Omega Publications called Monarch! I have been on the website to look around and it seems awesome, I wanted to do S.O.S like the duggars but that program only works on a PC and we only have macs in our house! Anyone else use Monarch too?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

@Nicole FInk
I have 5 kids and homeschool. I use My Father's World for everyone for our core (all grades together at different levels) and Christian Light Education for Language Arts and Math (individual workbooks). I like these things because they require little to no prep work from me, they are Christian-based, and they are affordable compared with a lot that is out there. Hope that helps!

Laura Davidson said...

i am 14 and homeschooled. i heart it!

First Time Homeschool said...

I started homeschooling my 4 year old recently and am using Math U See along with Explode the Code. I'm very excited and enjoy our time together!

M said...

For science:

12 weeks, 52 pages per unit, only $4.99

Annette Leivestad said...

I graduated from a private school that used ACE curriculum. I went on to college and attained degrees in English/Education and Theatre/Psychology. So my assessment of their curriculum comes from both personal experience and a background in pedagogy. If the student is a slower learner that consistently plods along, then the ACE curriculum is excellent for them in that they can take their time, they get the necessary repetitiveness for them to retain it and get better grades thus increasing their self esteem as well as their knowledge. If the student is gifted it is a great detriment in that they throw everything into short term memory, take the test, get an A, and forget it. There is little higher order problem solving and independent thinking challenges that are so important to the gifted learner. Then there is the issue of the curriculum being quite sexist. Unless they have changed it since I last participated in it, there were few to no examples of women doing anything but being a wife and mother. This is the most noble of careers for women, but I don't think one would be doing a service to a gifted girl who reads A&P for fun and dissects the chicken rather than cooking it, by giving her the ACE curriculum.

Anonymous said...

I am switching from A Beka, only because of price. My son is going into 2nd grade & we find it crazy to pay the price for that grade level. We are looking at My Father's World or ACE, the price for either of these with starting Spanish through rosetta stone is right at $600 maybe a little more after shipping & taxes. We only read King James Version Bibles, so that is a must. He is advanced in math. Can someone give me some tips on what we should be looking at. He doesn't like to read, much, unless its something he is interested in. I don't want him to be bored. I have planned to be making trips to the library at least once a week for us to pick out new books or his choice to read. We travel with his dad for his work so we are literally all over the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend buying used if you love abeka but cant afford it. Go with what works for you, but there are a ton of used curriculum books out there for 1/3 of the price, and normally you can just buy the workbooks that they write in after that. I know abeka is a little bit more advanced at the younger ages than some curriculum so if you do switch do your research because he may get bored with repeating things!

Bridgette Way said...

Love the blog. I'm new to homeschooling online and I was looking for homeschool online material and I must say I love your selections. I will definitely look into that!!

Anonymous said...

I have a child who needs repetition and Core Curriculum in the public schools doesn't provide any repetition. He is also a visual learner. Any suggestions regarding homeschooling curriculum that would improve his grades and interest in learning?


Shannon Caraker said...

I second Math-U-See. It's very visual and hands on math. Perfect for sensory kids too! :-)

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