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MakaziVille: Educational, Family-Friendly Computer Game

10 Comments (Click Here to Add Yours):

Carissa said...

SWEET!!! Thanks!

krissi said...

How do u make your potato casserole

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Krissi,

Here is the link to the Duggars' tater tot casserole recipe:

Lily and Ellie

Olivia said...

I seriously want some hair tutorial from the duggar girls. Their hair is always sooooo pretty, and I can relate to them since my hair is about the same length as most of them...most people's is much shorter so it's harder to follow their tutorials!

marnie said...

been watching your show all day. in several episodes, you use a mixing bowl with the beaters attached and a lid (i think) what is it and where did you get it?


san said...

Hi there, I was wondering if Jinger could share how she curls her hair? I don't know if it's a perm or if she uses curlers? just curious.

Eugenia said...

Hello There. I want to start by saying that my family and I absolutely adore every one of you. With all of the negative influences in society today, it's nice to watch and follow a family that is a positivie inspiration. My family and I have used many of your techniques/suggestions! We look forward to many more years. God Bless

Susan V. said...

I am just curious. Why do all the women wear jean skirts?

Laura said...

Does Michelle have any advice on how to help someone who just had a premature baby? They will be in the hospital for months. Thank-you!

Laura said...


I'm pretty sure it' the Bosch Universal Plus. I have it and love it! You can find it here....

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