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Monday, November 11, 2013

Interview with Jana Duggar and Erin Bates

In the following video interview, Jana Duggar and Erin Bates talk about their experiences on Journey to the Heart. The first part of the interview is focused on Erin, and Jana is introduced at 7:45.

Journey to the Heart is a ten-day retreat created for young men and women and now also available for parents. Jana and her sisters have all attended the Journey as participants and as volunteers. Participants meet in the Chicago suburbs and drive up to the Northwoods Conference Center in Watersmeet, Michigan, with the goal of drawing near to God, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors and forming lifelong friendships. Click here for more information on the Journey.

A Journey Interview with Erin Bates and Jana Duggar from IBLP on Vimeo.

Thanks to one of our loyal readers for sending us the link to this video!

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Anonymous said...

How many times can you possibly say Journey? Poor Jana it seem like the interviewer forgot about her and quickly at the end remember to ask her something. Also Erin looks a lot like Kristen Dunst in Interview with a Vampire.

Anonymous said...

The interviewer, Laura, talks a bit too much. This was a platform to interview Erin and Jana; not for her to babble on and on. All in all, it was interesting to know a little bit about what happens when these girls go on a Journey of the Heart. As an aside; the girls looked a little weary; late nights at the JOH???

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Interview! It is nice to hear them confess that they are not perfect, nobody is. I think many people do think that the duggars a perfect and in reality they are not. Anyway great interview and thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

The video is only veiwable if you are a paying customer of Vimeo.

Anonymous said...


I did not have to pay for it!

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Anonymous,

We are not paying customers of Vimeo and are able to watch the video. Here's the direct link. Perhaps you will be able to watch it on the Vimeo website.

Hope it works for you:)
Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing the girls and I think the world of them, but really did not get much of anything out of the interview. It seemed like a lot of talking but not really saying much. Maybe its just me. ?

Anonymous said...

I have been on a Journey to the Heart and would highly recomend it to anyone!!

Annique Fenlason said...

Where's the interview with Jana? As much as I like Erin Bates, now Erin Paine, I would have loved to see Jana's take on her Journey through the Heart as well.

I Love the Duggars! said...

I can also see it, and am not a paying Vimeo customer. Just wondering if you know how old the video is?

I Love the Duggars! said...

Hmm, I don't see my comment, wondering about how old the video is?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't view it on my iPad, but could on my Android or PC.

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