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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Duggars on The 700 Club

This morning, The 700 Club aired a taped segment about Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 kids. The video is embedded below (the Duggars come on at 35:35), as is a slightly different segment from last summer, which also includes an interview. Happy watching!

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Mikki said...

Thanks so much for sharing the link! We have missed seeing them on TV. They inspire me to be a better mama and wife, and I think my children are influenced by their children, as well. Praise God for the Duggar family!

Anonymous said...

Well that was an old interview. I was hoping it was something current. Oh well lol

Ginger said...

That was hilarious when the host said: They've got their own Brady Bunch times two plus a few!
I think you mean times three plus one. lol

Ginger said...

This is definitely not a new interview. Also the little bit that's in the first video is all repeated in the second video, so skip the first one.

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