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Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeding the Duggars for a Day

Savannah Guthrie from the Today Show spends the morning with the Duggars. (Click here for full article.) How much food does it take to feed the Duggars for a day? Here is an example of a Duggar shopping list:

3 dozen eggs
5 lbs turkey bacon
20 biscuits
10 oranges
4 lbs. grapes
3 loaves whole wheat bread
4 lbs sloppy joe meat
3 lbs. green beans
3 lbs. potatoes
2 watermelons
2 family size bags lettuce
4 lbs. spaghetti noodles
3 loaves french bread
2 pans brownies
1 gallon vanilla ice cream

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ausgirl said...

What is sloppy Joe meat, I havent heard of that in Australia

Ginger said...

3 dozen eggs a day, but Michelle said they only buy 5 dozen per month? Did I misunderstand that?
We have eight children and I buy 8 dozen eggs every 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have chickens?

Paula said...

I think they over exaggerate. Or they eat way too much food. That amount of food would last my family of 1/2 their size for a week at least. Of course you would have to take out the bacon and sloppy stuff and add raw veggies. 2 pans of brownies and a gallon of ice cream would be our deserts for 2 weeks. Of course we don't eat deserts every day or even every other day neither.

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi ausgirl,

A sloppy joe is a sandwich made with ground beef (can also be made with ground turkey), onions, ketchup, and other seasonings.

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

One gallon of ice cream for 21 people?????

irelandjade said...

Wow, they need to eat healthier!

AtomicBlue said...

That was a fun segment!

We are getting six chickens this year. I always wondered if the Duggar family would get chickens...or grow a big veggie garden? It's wonderful learning! We're enjoying planning our garden this year. It's always bigger and better. If we grow too much, we donate to the food bank, a win-win. Our daughter loves any chance to dig in the dirt. She won a pile of blue ribbons with her flowers at the county fair last year, when she was five! Such fun :)

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi AtomicBlue,

The Duggars have planted a garden in the past. Not sure about the chickens. :)

Thanks for reading!
Lily and Ellie

Tim Bobrik said...

Wow my family has 9 people and we go through about almost have of that.��

Jodi Latimer said...

Sheesh you people are a tough crowd. I think this sounds like a typical southern family menu! Go Duggars! They live like the rest us us they just have more people

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