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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Video: Michelle Duggar's Childhood

Many of our readers have asked about Michelle Duggar's childhood. How many siblings did she have? How did she spend her free time? Uncover the answers to these questions and more in the following video.
(You can read more about Michelle's early years in her and Jim Bob's first book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting!.)

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Lucy said...

I do think that an active childhood or being a "tomboy" as Michelle says, helps with future pregnancies and bearing children. I was a "tomboy" as well and being in shape helped me have healthy pregnancies, I believe.

Creating a joyful, peaceful home is a choice. One that my husband and I made. There has never been yelling in our home at all and it's really a peacful place. I believe the Duggar home is a peacful place as well.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, Mrs. Duggar is a wonderful lady I can't wait to meet her and family in Heaven someday

Anonymous said...

To the Duggars--excuse me--the Leave It to Beaver Cleavers of 2000--that do not portray reality even then as the Duggars do NOT portray reality NOW-we are all lazy slackers who have only ourselves to blame if we’re not making it with even 2 children...the fact that we don't have a lucrative false reality TV show is not a factor. It’s appalling when they expect any of us to believe this family is as perfect as they portray themselves to be and that they are so blessed as none of us in the United States are so blessed. They will answer to God someday, just as we all will. Pride goeth before a fall, as the Bible says. And something this family has no lack of is pride. Jim Bob should make pride a Bible study for all his children.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Bible does it say people can't put their children in day care if that is what they need to do? Where in the Bible does it say it is okay to put your children in the care of your older children just the same as day care? Does it say if you have XX children you cannot possibly care for as a human being, you need to have XX more chlidren to take care of the younger ones? What is the difference between Michelle delegating children out and Michelle using child care other than they are all related and all live in the same house?

Bayley said...

Makaziville is now live on the Duggars Family Website.

Janice said...


There are real-life "Leave it to Beaver" families out there, and our family just happens to be one of them. Our children know what is expected of them and have no reason to rebel.

You're right that reality TV doesn't show everything, but quite a few people have commented to this blog saying that they have met the Duggars in person and that what you see on TV is how they act in real-life.

We all make mistakes and are a little prideful from time-to-time, but a little bit of pride is healthy. Perhaps Jim Bob appears prideful because he is so thankful for his family and feels so blessed.

I don't know about you, but I would rather see a reality show about the Duggars trying to honor God than the other reality shows out there with questionable values.

Anonymous said...

Michelle went to public school, played sports and was even a cheerleader. She was raised by her parents instead of her older siblings. Either she thinks her children don't deserve that kind of childhood or Jim Bob somehow brainwashed her into believing his way of raising a family is the right way. I believe the latter is true. It's a shame her kids will never know what it is like to have a happy carefree childhood instead of being put in charge of younger siblings and taking on most of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. while the parents continue to have their many "blessings". I don't believe having as many babies as possible somehow makes you better than everybody else. While they are able to financially support their children, I believe being able to emotionally support your children is just as important. I don't believe Jim Bob and Michelle are able to give any of their children any quality one on one time with any of their kids. The only people in this family that seem to have the time for one on one time is Jim Bob and Michelle.

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous (at 12:16 PM),

Please check out this video, and notice how genuine the kids' answers are:

~Lily and Ellie

Gina said...

The Duggar children are so loved and so happy, it is really weird when someone says they "don't deserve" to be raised the way they are. What do you think they deserve? The average American childhood, with divorced parents and failing public schools?

Libby said...

The Duggar family is full of love and kindness so I don't understand why people have such hard feelings for the family! Michelle and Jim Bob do care for the kids and the older kids like talking care of the younger kids its not forced upon them and most of all if they didn't like to watch the kids they are adults so they can move out anytime!

Emily in Wonderland said...

I love that Michelle had such a traditional and mainstream childhood, because I feel like it makes her so much more educated, or well informed, or.. I'm not sure what word I should be using here... So much more... better equipped perhaps, to make the choices she has in raising her children differently, and INTERESTING that she has chosen to do so! Not that she turned out to be a bad egg, or had a bad experience, she just selected a different path for her brood, and that's nice that she did so after taking her own well rounded background into mind!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the kids can possibly have one on one time with the parents. However, it seems to work for them. All seem to be turning out well.

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