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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Duggars React to Second GrandDuggar

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Anonymous said...

I had my 3 kids very close together (born 18 months and then 13 months apart). It works out nicely because they are all "into" the same type of toys, shows, etc. I think Kynzie will love having a sibling so close in age!

It was funny to hear the "No!" comment (from Jinger?)! I don't think it was meant as negative...I think she was just suprised!

I wonder if they'll add on to their current house? Are they renting it from Grandma Duggar or did they purchase it from her?

DuggarFamFan08 said...

Anna is wearing a lot more make up than she used to , and she is dressing differently too...she still looks pretty but, she used to be a lot more modest looking...I like the "more modest" style better...

I am so glad for them...Mackynzie is going to have a great time having another sibling..I'm glad they are expecting again!

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