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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Don't Miss Josie Duggar!

Josie Duggar makes her TV debut tomorrow evening! Tune into TLC at 8/7 Central and 11/10 Central for the premiere of "19 Kids and Counting!" Special Duggar Delivery. If you're busy on Sunday and don't have a TIVO or DVR, there will be two reruns of the episode at the same times on Tuesday evening.
Tune in Tuesday at 9/8 Central for "19 Kids and Counting," Josie Duggar's First Christmas. Watch as the Duggars prepare for a super-size Christmas, purchasing gifts for each other and for baby Josie. As the family gathers around the hospital bed of their 19th child, they will take us back in time by sharing holiday memories from previous years.
If you are a Duggar fan, or simply searching for a fascinating and wholesome TV show, don't miss these TLC shows!

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